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Our Story

Our Story

25 Years of Wendy Wu Tours

  • Wendy Wu, a passionate travel agent and avid explorer of Asia designs and leads her first tour to China from a mere advertisement in her daily newspaper. The ad gained so much traction, her first tour consisted of 28 passengers!
  • After a very successful and enjoyable first tour to China exploring the key highlights, Wendy Wu expands her range of destination touring into Vietnam, whilst also establishing her first office in China.
  • Wendy Wu then goes on to establish the official company title of Wendy Wu Tours Pty Ltd, taking over Australia and New Zealand with more offices opening on the other side of the world.
  • Following the two fantastic routes Wendy had previously established, Wendy hosts the first escorted tour from the western world of Tibet – Tibetan Dreams, also Wendy’s birthplace. This was the first tour ever to follow this route.
  • Progressing in China, more tours are introduced to Sichuan’s remote Nine Villages Valley and the wonderful Zhangjiajie National Park, showing the lesser known, yet beautiful sides to China. During this year Wendy Wu also launches more tours to Vietnam.
  • Wendy continues to take over Asia, discovering her next location to offer as she steps into India, creating and launching her first tour exploring the main sights of the golden triangle.
  • The birth year of the famous ‘Solar Eclipse’ tour of China. After a strong few years of perfecting touring in China and other parts of Asia, Wendy Wu Tours wins ‘Escorted Tour Company of the Year’
  • Taking Asia by storm, Wendy then expands her destination range to Japan, which has gone on to become one of the biggest selling destinations aside from China.
  • With such excellent touring and fantastic experiences, Wendy Wu Tours wins two prestigious awards at the renowned British Travel Awards – a huge win for Wendy and her team, fuelling Wendy to explore more destinations and grow the collection.
  • Wendy decides to introduce the ‘Exclusive Collection’ deluxe touring range and the immersive adventure tours range, offering different experiences of her current destinations. South America is added to the list of destinations with the first tour departing this year!
  • A huge celebration for Wendy as this year, she is inducted to the British Travel and Hospitality Hall of Fame, alongside huge names in the travel industry such as Richard Branson.
  • Notices the gap in the market for Solo travellers, and hence introduces dedicated Solo’s only tours and departure dates. Another big celebration for Wendy Wu Tours as we win ‘Escorted Tour Company of the Year’ for the seventh year in a row.
  • Wendy Wu Tours go on to win the ‘Best Long-Haul Specialist Operator’ at the renowned and prestigious Globe Awards. Wendy expands the range even more and goes on to launch tours to Central Asia. The Victoria Mekong, Wendy Wu Tours’ brand-new deluxe river cruise vessel lands in Vietnam.
  • After a tough year, Wendy Wu Tours continue to achieve, winning ‘Best Long-Haul Specialist Operator’ again at the prestigious Globe Awards. Wendy also expands into Europe with new tours across the continent.
  • Offering destinations in every continent, Wendy Wu Tours continues to offer immersive once in a lifetime experiences, with service perfected by Wendy Wu herself, whilst also winning multiple titles including the ‘Best Premium Touring Company’ at the Globe Awards.