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Europe Holidays

Europe Holidays

Explore Europe with Wendy Wu Tours


A continent of endless variety and a wealth of sights, in Europe endless adventure awaits.

Enduring and eclectic, Europe has long been a crossroads of the world. A relatively small continent it is packed with a huge array of languages, a dizzying mix of cultures, an unimaginable assortment of cuisines and an incredible diversity of landscapes. There is a wealth of world-class urban centres, where history flows tangibly along streets boasting exceptional museums and galleries that display the world’s best-known art and artefacts, incredible architecture and vibrant nightlife. In the wild places your imagination will be well and truly captured, soaring from snow-capped mountains that graze the sky, to gently smoking volcanoes, rivers that run through woods and plains, lochs nestled in rugged glens, and beaches and dramatic cliffs that trim endless coastlines.  

Known as the ‘Old World’, the history here is staggering and wonderfully easy to find, from the temples of ancient Greece and remnants of the Roman Empire to the monuments and creations of the Renaissance, Enlightenment and beyond. Food and wine have been perfected over centuries, their rich flavours the pride of many a nation, be it the pizza of Naples, the haggis of Scotland or the port of Portugal.

With its natural, historic, cultural, culinary and artistic diversity, Europe is a continent that keeps on giving, somewhere that has something for every type of traveller. 

Why Discover Europe with Wendy Wu Tours

Our Europe tours are created with exactly the same winning formula as our worldwide destinations, so you can rest assured that everything is included in the price. This means all meals, centrally located three- and four-star hotels, flights (with the exception of Scotland), transportation, entrance fees and guiding, and a national escort are covered, leaving you free to simply savour the wonder of your surroundings.   


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Europe offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?